Do You Need An Electric Meter Box Replacement?

Your electric meter box is an important part of any home’s electrical system. If it’s not working as it should, many electrical issues can arise. Although electric meters could last for many decades, if a meter box starts breaking down due to lack of maintenance, age, poor quality, corrosion, or overheating, a replacement can prevent critical electrical and safety issues and down time without power.

Should you observe your circuit breaker frequently tripping, experience flickering lights, or detect scorch and burn marks on your equipment, these could be indicators of an overloaded meter box. Furthermore, adjustments to the electrical code on both a national and/or local scale might necessitate updates. As a homeowner, it’s your job to manage the maintenance and potential replacement of your electric meter box. The good news is that replacing an outdoor meter box typically only requires approximately between 4 and 8 hours, ensuring minimal disruption.

Should You DIY an Electric Meter Box Replacement?

You may be tempted to take on this project on your own to save some money, but we advise against it. Only a licensed professional electrician should be replacing your electric meter box. This kind of project is riddled with safety hazards, and certified electricians are insured to cover any possible hazardous or emergency scenario. Handling the replacement of this vital element demands a high level of electrical expertise and might involve adjustments to the wiring. Skilled electricians are well-equipped to handle any necessary tasks during the meter box replacement process. Moreover, they offer valuable guidance in choosing the appropriate type and capacity of the unit to ensure it aligns with your specific needs.

How Are Electrical Meter Boxes Replaced?

First, the electrical professional must completely shut off the power in your house or building. This is done by disconnecting electrical cables from the structure, which is done by the electric company. Then the glass meter should be removed from the meter socket, and the socket is then unscrewed from the mount on the side of the house; next, the cable connecting the socket is cut.

Continuing with the process, we move on to expanding the cable hole in the wall and the technician then proceeds to tunnel through the rim joist or concrete wall. Subsequently, the replacement electrical cable is connected to the fresh meter socket and threaded through the wall. Simultaneously, we install a weather head and conduit on the outside wall, directly above the socket, securely fastening it with proper strapping to support the weight of the riser. The electric company plays a pivotal role at this stage, marking the locations of subterranean lines, while our team inserts copper ground rods into the ground. Essential wire connections are meticulously made, bringing us to the final steps of the meter installation process.

How Much Will An Electric Meter Box Replacement Cost?

The cost of replacing an outdoor electrical meter box typically falls within the range of $1,700 to $5,000 or more, with an average expenditure of around $2,500 for most homeowners depending on pre-existing conditions. However, for those with larger homes featuring a 400-amp electrical box, the replacement project can escalate to as much as $5,000 or more.

The need for a replacement is often driven by an outdated meter box, and the total cost is notably influenced by the number of circuits that the meter serves and labor required and or weather it is an emergency situation.

This project requires coordination between local Inspectors, utility companies, permitting and the homeowner to be able to restore power back in a targeted time. But don’t worry! The experts at Tru-Line Electric have years of experience to not only get the job done right away in the field, but coordinate everything with all parties involved to make your project as stress-free as possible.

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