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Many years ago, aluminum was thought to be the all-purpose metal of the future. It was quickly becoming inexpensive to produce, was extremely versatile, durable, and capable of handling just about everything it was asked to do. As such, it became the metal of choice for wiring throughout many homes built before 1972. However, it quickly became apparent that aluminum wasn’t the best choice when it came to electrical applications—aluminum heats up quickly when exposed to electrical current, and to date has caused numerous electrical fires which have resulted in injuries and millions of dollars in property damage. If your home still has aluminum wiring running through the walls, the Palm Harbor aluminum wiring remediation team can remove it and replace it with stable and dependable modern wire that helps keep you safe.

When it comes to aluminum wiring remediation, Tru-Line Electric is the name people trust throughout Tampa Bay. Our staff of experienced, highly-qualified wiring experts can help you remove or delete existing aluminum wiring from your electrical system while replacing it with a more stable material like copper. We want you to live a peaceful and stress-free life at home, and our way of doing so is to ensure that your electrical system is safe and working properly. Not only are we extremely thorough with our inspections to make sure we locate all aluminum wire sources in your home, but we also make sure our new wiring installations adhere to all modern building codes and safety standards.

If you have aluminum wiring in your walls, do not hesitate to contact Tru-Line Electric by calling (727) 308-6680 to schedule an inspection or rewiring consultation right away!

Why Is Aluminum Wiring Dangerous?

Despite the fact that aluminum does conduct electricity, it’s significantly more dangerous to use as wiring than other modern materials like copper. In the mid-1960s, electricians contractors began to use aluminum-based wire because of a shortage of copper. Not long after widespread use began, aluminum was found to be significantly more prone to failure—55 times more prone to be exact. Research from the Consumer Product Safety Commission found that homes with one or more aluminum-based wire connections were 55 times more likely to experience “fire hazard conditions” than those with copper.

Why so much added danger? Aluminum is more prone to deterioration. As the wires deteriorate, they create increased resistance, which, as we stated previously, creates energy loss in the form of heat. Heat in wires can cause dry, flammable materials to ignite, and before you know it a seemingly innocuous electrical outlet sparks a massive fire.

The Solution to Aluminum Wiring

Today, remediation is the best solution for aluminum wiring. In a remediation service, our technicians carefully examine your existing electrical system for evidence of aluminum wiring. This may include removing and checking receptacles and switches located throughout your home. If we do find evidence of aluminum wiring, we will let you know where we found it and what should be done in order to remove it. Removal isn’t always the easiest process, but it’s one that is invaluable for anyone who wants to avoid the possibility of a serious electrical fire.

Do you have aluminum wiring in your home? Contact Tru-Line Electric for quality replacement and remediation solutions.


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