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When it comes down to it, circuit breakers and electrical fuses work to accomplish the same thing. They are put in place to ensure the electrical system in your home doesn’t overload. The majority of modern homes utilize circuit breakers to protect individual circuits, but older homes may still use fuses.

Fortunately, Tru-Line Electric’s team of skilled Palm Harbor electricians can work with either method. We are fully certified to work with a wide variety of circuit issues. If your breaker box or fuse box is constantly shorting and causing an area of your home to lose power contact us today! We serve New Port Richey and the surrounding communities in Tampa Bay!

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Difference Between the Fuse Box & Breaker Box

If there is no fail-safe between electricity and your home electrical system, it could overload the wiring and potentially cause a fire. A fuse box or breaker box is put in place to interrupt the flow of power if there is a sudden surge or too many objects are using power in the same box at once. While these two boxes do the same thing, they are quite different.

A fuse is a metal wire enclosed in a glass or ceramic casing. When electricity flows through a fuse box, the fuses allow the current to pass between each fuse. If an overload occurs, the casing around the fuse melts and stops the flow of electricity.

A breaker box is a series of switches that use electromagnets that allow electrical currents to pass from a lower terminal to an upper terminal across the switch. If the current reaches an unsafe level, the magnetic force of the switch becomes strong enough to throw an internal metal lever to break the current.

Want to Upgrade to a Breaker Box?

If you are in an older house that still uses a fuse box, you may be thinking of upgrading to a breaker box. A breaker box can manage a higher volume of electrical usage than a fuse box and is less expensive to maintain. Our Palm Harbor electricians can guide you through the process and safely install your new breaker box.

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