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One of the largest appeals of a recreational vehicle is the ability to take on the open road without having to leave all of the comforts of home behind. RVs come equipped with luxuries like indoor plumbing, heating and cooling, and even electricity which you can use to power devices from coffee makers to laptop computers. However, your RV typically runs on batteries, and its non-permanent nature means its electrical system is quite a bit different from the one you would find in your home or business. This also means it’s prone to its own fair share of issues, and that means you could come across a time where you need to have one professionally fixed. At Tru-Line Electric, our team is prepared to handle RV electrical problems, ensuring your power remains safe and dependable whenever and wherever you need it.

At Tru-Line Electric, we make it a point to deliver nothing short of the finest electrical services you can find, including those designed for RVs. When you have a problem with your RV’s electrical system, we come to you, inspect it thoroughly, and provide you with quality repairs that get it up and running again. We understand how different these types of applications can be, and we always hold our repairs to high standards to ensure they will last for many years to come.

Let the experts at Tru-Line Electric handle your outlet problems in your RV! Give us a call at (727) 308-6680 today to request a repair or replacement estimate.

What Causes a Faulty Outlet in an RV?

Why do electrical systems in RVs seem so much more prone to problems than standard outlets in the average home? For starters, the electrical systems in RVs simply are not often built to the same standards of quality as those in the average home. Whereas homes have stringent standards for electrical safety and durability that must be adhered to by law, RVs don’t have nearly the same level of required quality, so many manufacturers simply don’t make them as well. While this does keep costs down, it is only further exposed by the fact that RVs are not stagnant. They move, and the vibration of miles of road travel as well as repeated use can all cause issues to come up rather quickly. It’s not uncommon for rubbing wires to cause shorts or simple connections to come loose inside a receptacle due to the rigors of travel.

We Repair Other RV Electrical Problems as Well!

Your RV is also packed with other electrical equipment which make modern life on the road possible. Because your RV is not consistently hooked up to a source of electricity, your electrical equipment needs to be able to operate batteries if need be. Whatever your electrical needs may be, our staff of skilled RV electrical repair technicians in Palm Harbor & the surrounding areas will ensure that everything is working correctly and dependably.

Our RV electrical services include:

  • Inverter services
  • Generator repairs & maintenance
  • Plug & switch repairs
  • Appliance repairs & connections
  • Voltage regulators & circuit breakers
  • Safety checks & repairs
  • Power storage & battery issues
  • External power connection repairs

Does your RV need an electrical repair? Looking to have your RV’s electrical infrastructure updated? Choose Tru-Line Electric and get it done right! Contact us today.


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