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The wires in your home may not seem like something that will wear out all that easily. After all, they’re not a moving part, and the fact that they are buried in your walls means they’re not exposed to a number of the stresses and struggles of your day to day life. However, they do carry electricity, and over time the strain of carrying electrical current to all of the various outlets and devices in your home can lead to wires wearing out. Worn-out wires can present a serious problem—they provide added resistance, which causes energy loss in the form of heat. Wires which get too hot can melt their insulation, burn through flammable materials like fiberglass or foam, and even spark fires which could cause serious damage to your home or injury to anyone inside.

At Tru-Line Electric, we understand the risk associated with aging or faulty electrical wiring, and we’re the team you can depend on for full-home rewiring services that exceed rigorous standards of quality. Whether you live in a small home with only a few requirements or a large and fully-customized home with a complex electrical system, we can outfit you with new wiring that is safe, reliable, and adheres to all modern standards for building and safety codes. Our workmanship is top-notch, and each of our friendly technicians always makes sure that your concerns are met with honest and knowledgeable answers for your complete peace of mind. We know you demand nothing short of the best, and we hold ourselves to that in order to ensure you’re completely satisfied when the job is done and that you don’t have to deal with any additional problems anytime soon. We proudly provide service to New Port Richey, Palm Harbor, and the surrounding areas.

Has your electrical infrastructure started to show signs of aging? Call Tru-Line Electric at (727) 308-6680 today to request more information about a whole-home rewire service.

Signs Your Wiring Is Becoming a Problem

Most people don’t think twice about their wiring. After all, problems are far more likely to pop up in things like your outlets, switches, or other devices which are directly connected to your electrical system rather than the wires which carry voltage and current from place to place. At what point should you begin to suspect that the wires in your walls are actually the source of the problem you’re dealing with? Fortunately, there are some ways homeowners can tell that their wiring may be the source of their issues, and they’re easier to catch on to than you might think.

Some signs you may be due for a whole-home rewiring include:

  • Lights that flicker or dim unexpectedly
  • Lights that frequently burn out
  • You need an electrical repair more than once per year
  • Your electric bills are steadily rising without explanation
  • You hear a high-pitched ringing coming from inside your walls
  • You have exposed, unshielded wire that carries electrical current
  • Your home is more than 40 years old and still utilizing original wiring
  • You have a circuit breaker that trips whenever you plug something in
  • There are unexplained warm spots on your wall

If you suspect you may have faulty wiring, you shouldn’t delay in having your electrical system inspected. A professional electrician can utilize modern tools and techniques to help identify potential problems with your wiring and suggest the proper repairs which resolve them. However, aging wiring may be better to just replace entirely.

To learn more about the status of your wiring or to schedule a consultation for a whole-home rewire, contact Tru-Line Electric today.


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