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Seasonal Electrical Maintenance: Preparing Your Home for Winter

Brace Your Homes For The Winter Season

Winter is coming! As Floridians we know that probably doesn’t mean we’re getting snow, but we’re certainly in store for some cold weather. Unfortunately, the cold winter weather can be damaging to your home’s electrical systems and can lead to issues that might disrupt the comfort and safety of your home. As you continue to read this guide we’ll provide you with a detailed seasonal maintenance checklist to help our fellow Tampa residents safeguard their homes against hazardous weather and avoid electrical problems this winter season.

Inspect and Insulate Your Home’s Wiring

You can start your proactive electrical maintenance by conducting a meticulous inspection of your home’s wiring. Cold temperatures can harm the flexibility and efficiency of electrical wiring, opening it up to wear and tear. Focus on areas like the attic and basement when looking for damaged or exposed wiring. To avoid the effects of winter chill, look into insulating your exposed wires which will protect them from the elements and keep them running efficiently through the winter months.

Search for Drafts Impeding Electrical Performance

Drafts throughout the home along with cold air seeping in can significantly impact the performance of your home’s electrical system. Go around the house and inspect windows, doors, and other points of entry that could be letting in drafts. Seal those areas with weatherstrips or caulk to keep the cold air out. This won’t only increase your heating system’s efficiency, but it will also make sure your electrical components arent under too much stress, in effect keeping other hazards at bay.

Winterize Outdoor Electrical Components

Outdoor outlets, light fixtures, and appliances need to be taken care of during wintertime. All of your outdoor outlets should be equipped with weatherproof covers to keep the rain and snow from damaging them. Think about storing your outdoor appliances in a warmer, more sheltered area or covering them with waterproof materials. Light fixtures should be weather-resistant. Inspect your fixtures for any damage or compromised function.

Be Proactive Before Energy Costs Increase

Due to people using their heaters more often and holiday decorations, there’s an increased demand on electricity during the winter months. Get ahead of the demand and avoid overloading your electrical circuits. Consider making upgrades to energy-efficient appliances in order to reduce energy consumption and strain on your electrical system. Also, try to distribute the use of your electrical decorations and devices to prevent surge demand which will lower the chances of tripped circuits and fire hazards.

Schedule Professional Inspection

While homeowners can certainly perform some electrical inspection and maintenance tasks, if you want a truly thorough and safe inspection it’s best to hire a professional electrician. A licensed electrician will be fully equipped to make sure your house is prepared for any potential weather-related hazards. You want this done especially if your home hasn’t been inspected in a long time. Our professional electricians are trained to spot issues that may not be obvious to the untrained eye making sure you sleep with peace-of-mind knowing that your home is prepared for winter challenges.

Don’t Wait Act Now!

Seasonal change is part of life and it can be beautiful, especially when it comes with the warm embrace of family, friends, and good times. Unfortunately along with seasonal change, we get elements that can be harmful to our homes. Take the proactive approach and safeguard your home against coming challenges. By following our comprehensive checklist, you can ensure that your electrical system will remain efficient and reliable. Don’t procrastinate until there’s an actual problem! Get ahead of the issues and fortify your home today.