Is Whole House Surge Protection Worth the Investment?

Is Whole House Surge Protection Worth the Investment?

What is Whole House Surge Protection?

A whole house surge protector is a device that protects all the appliances and electrical devices in your home from power surges. You may be thinking of one of those power strips you would plug into the wall in your home. Although these are similar, and a good way of protecting some devices, a whole house surge protector starts in the electrical panel.

The whole house surge protector will shield your home from surges caused by lightning, your energy provider, and the surges within your home. Approximately 60-80% of surges that occur in the home are due to major appliances cycling on and off. Florida, known as the lightning capital of the world, receives 3,500 cloud to ground lightning strikes a day, and 1.2 million strikes a year, with Tampa ranking number one amongst Florida cities. Whole house surge protectors are definitely an asset in any home!

Do You need Whole House Surge Protection?

Today's electronics are so necessary and pricey that leaving your home unprotected is a big risk. Many of today’s appliances are sensitive to power surges, especially appliances containing microprocessors like some microwaves, toasters, ovens, stoves, PCs, thermostats, video game systems, alarm clocks, dishwashers, home lighting systems, and even some refrigerators.

Although it isn’t a code violation to not have whole house surge protection for older houses, new houses now require whole house protection as a fixture upon completion. In addition, the Electrical Safety Foundation International, National Fire Protection Association, and the Institute for Business & Home Safety all recommend whole house surge protection, combined with power strips, as one of the best methods to protect your home.

What will a Whole House Surge Protector do for your Home?

Your devices and appliances will be protected from:

  • Circuit boards frying

  • Mini bursts of energy from appliances cycling on and off throughout the day. Over time these mini bursts will degrade the lifespan of your appliances and devices.

  • Power surges from downed utility lines and neighboring homes in your area.

  • Lightning proximity strike surges

Is this a DIY Project?

It is strongly recommended that you hire a professional electrician to help you install a whole house surge protector. There are many complexities and moving parts to this installation, primarily installing the device on the main panel and individually on large appliances and electronics.

Doing this project yourself means you’ll be working on a live panel. The wiring found on an electrical panel can be confusing, and doing it yourself may result in malfunctions or worse, electrical hazards and/or shocks. Please consult a local professional for this installation!

Going with a professional also has its financial benefits. When having one of these devices installed, you have the choice of using a local, reputable, electrician or your power company. Although both methods will work, power companies tend to charge a monthly fee for the operation of your surge protection device. Going with Tru-Line Electric will grant you one time, upfront pricing, a higher quality device than those provided by your provider, as well as a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer backed by an insurance guarantee for the devices we install. Feel free to call us for more details!

Don’t Delay!

Don’t wait until one of your necessary, expensive, appliances is damaged from a lightning strike, a power surge from your energy provider, or a storm. If you are looking save money on whole house surge protection, check out our affordable options.

Call your favorite New Port Richey electrician, Tru-Line Electric, today at (727) 308-6680 or contact us online for an estimate on whole house surge protection for your home!