electrical outlet up in flame and smoke

5 Tips To Avoid An Electrical Fire

1. Mind Your Old Electrical Appliances

Over time appliances develop loose or freyed cords and wiring. These are fire hazards. Furthermore, many appliances use old insulation which is highly flammable and may not easily fixed with a simple repair. Older appliances may also leave much to be desired when it comes to material quality, wattage usage, and safety features. Perhaps look into replacing your dated fridges, stoves, microwaves, and toasters with new ones.

2. Extension Cord and Electrical Circuit Overloads

Unregulated use of extension cords can be dangerous. If you have many appliances such as a comupter, TV, or sound system plugged into one extension cord, you rish overloading the single socket its plugged into, creating an electrical fire hazard.

Make a conscious effort to make sure you have enough outlets to accommodate all your appliances. Also, make sure that your cords are all in top condition. Kinked, or deformed cords can produce more heat, resulting in melted insulation. Lastly, look into whole-house surge protection to protect your appliances from power surges that come from storms or your power company.

3. Monitor Your Electrical Outlets​

Make sure your outlets are in good condition and properly grounded. Faulty outlets is one of the primary culprits to house fires. Over time switches and outlets age, and their wiring tends to wear along with them. Eventually, these worn wires break, and may cause a fire.

4. Light Fixtures

Another reason an electrical fire may break out is because of light fixtures. If a lightbulb is installed but its wattage is too high for the fixture, a fire may start. Make sure to chekh the maximum recommended bulb wattage for your fixture and stay under that amount.

5. Outdated or Worn-out Electrical Wiring​

Lastly, your home’s outdated wiring is also a potential fire hazard. The wiring In a home 20 years old or more may not be able to handle today’s applaiances’ electrical requirements. If the older wiring can’t handle the load, theu may heat up and catch fire. Look out for frayed electrical cords. These should be replaced by an electrician as soon as possible.

Here are the signs of hidden electrical issues that you should look out for:

  • Flickering lights or frequent power outages

  • Hot appliances, devices, our outlets

  • The smell of burning

  • Shocks or sparks coming from outlets or appliances

  • A frequently overloaded circuit breaker

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Extra Tips to Remember

  • Check your outlets: Identify loose fitting outlets, as these can be a shock hazard or start a fire. Replace loose outlets and broken wall plates.

  • Don’t force plugs. If a plug of yours isn’t plugging in well, it could be an issue with the plug. Forcing the plug can damage the outlet.

  • Cords will eventually fray. Exposed wires are a fire hazard, especially if they’re under wires or furniture.