upscale bedroom with ceiling fan

Should You Install a Ceiling Fan?

Many people view ceiling fans as antiquated appliances. The truth is that ceiling fans are not only very useful in a variety of different ways, but they’re also very attractive to many homeowners as a design option.

Ceiling fans cool you off with a flip of a switch at a minimal cost. There can also be stylish sources of ambient lighting. Keep reading to learn more about ceiling fans are a great addition to any home.

The Pros and Cons

We want to make sure you’re fully educated on ceiling fans before you commit to purchasing and installing one. For this reason in addition to the pros, we also feel it’s only right to provide the cons to using ceiling fans around the house.


  1. An Alternative to the AC

    The best advantage to owning a ceiling fan is that it can be used in lieu of an AC system. Compared to AC, ceiling fans only use a small percentage of the energy they use, 1.6% to be exact. This energy efficiency could save you up to 40% on your energy bill. If you’re looking for the most efficient and cost-effective fan you can get, look for a fan with the ENERGY STAR® label. Energy Star fans use at least 20% less energy than what federal standards require. While it’s a common misconception that fans lower the temperature in a room, they do on the other hand make the room feel up to 8 degrees colder through air circulation.

    Ceiling fans don’t only help make the room feel colder, they can also be reversed to warm a room. When reversed, the fan pulls the cooler air towards the ceiling pushing the warm air down, helping warm air circulate around the room.

  2. You Can Use Ceiling Fans Outdoors

    If you have a patio or deck, then you may want to keep it cool on the hot summer days. Unfortunately, ACs can’t work outdoors. Ceiling fans come in handy in the same way they do indoors and can circulate the air to cool you off.

    Furthermore, with the air circulating, ceiling fans can keep away annoying insects. You won’t have to worry so much about swatting away pests as you try to enjoy the outdoors!

  3. Fans Can be Used for Ambient Light

    Have you been thinking about brightening up your room? Whether it’s the living room or bedroom lights are essential for decorating as well as avoiding hazards around the home. Most ceiling fans these days have a light in the middle. Since they’re usually installed in the center of the room, they do well with providing ambient lighting.

  4. Get a Better Night’s Sleep

    As we all know sleep is very important. If you’re someone who benefits from white noise to lull you to sleep, a ceiling fan may come in handy. A ceiling fan will help you stay cool and also provide white noise as the air circulates possibly helping you fall asleep.

  5. Space and Efficiency

    As opposed to using a box fan that uses up floor space and may become an obstacle in poorly lit rooms, a ceiling fan is conveniently out of the way. Keeping more things off the floor will create a safer environment for kids and the elderly as they make it around your home.


  1. Ceiling Fans Can be Noisy

    Ceiling fans can make a lot of noise. Sometimes screws come loose and the weight shifts in the appliance cause it to creak and wobble. This might prove distracting if you like your rooms totally silent, especially if you’re trying to sleep.
  2. Fans Can be a Hassle to Clean

    Ceiling fan blades have a tendency of collecting dust and because they’re elevated, it can be hard to clean them at times. Depending on your home’s ceiling height it may or may not be a hassle or safety hazard for you to get them totally clean.
  3. Ceiling Fans Might Get in the Way

    While we’re on the ceiling topic, be mindful of low ceilings. Consider your ceiling height before installing a ceiling fan as it might cause an obstruction and potential hazard if your ceilings are too low.

Are Ceiling Fans Here to Stay?

All this said and done, ceiling fans are still incredibly useful amenities to any home. Ceiling fans can be used 365 days a year and aren’t expensive to run. Some people think that ceiling fans are no longer in style but the truth is that there are now many chic modern styles to choose from thus enhancing the design of a room.

We hope that this article has helped you see the overall advantages of installing a ceiling fan. if you’re interested in getting one installed just give us a call or visit our website contact page to book your next appointment. Our service experts would be more than happy to help you out! Once we get a look at your home we can offer a wide range of solutions that will leave you satisfied. Remember, You’re Fine With Tru-Line!