kids kicking feet in water by the pool

6 Electrical Safety Tips For Summertime Pool Use

Summer is just around the corner, and that means pool season is near! Here at Tru-Line Electric, we care deeply about our community and we want you and your families to have a fun, safe summer.

The truth is that whether you’re sunbathing, doing laps around the pool, or simply kicking back and drifting on a pool float, accidents can happen if you’re not careful. Keep scrolling for our list of recommended safety precautions for using the pool this summer.

Keep All Outdoor Outlets Covered

It’s very important that you make sure all your outdoor outlets are covered. Doing this will not only keep small wandering fingers from finding them but it will also prevent water damage to your outlets. If your outlets are missing covers, call a licensed, trusted electrician to get them up to code.

Keep All Electrical Devices Away From Your Pool

We recommend that you keep all your electrical devices and extension cords at least 20 feet away from your swimming pool. We know the speaker by the pool is a much needed staple of any pool day, but make sure to keep them as far away from the water as possible. If extension cords are a must, make sure that they are not damaged, correctly insulated, and kept at a significant distance from the pool. Any splash of water can cause damage to your devices or even worse, electric shock.

Familiarize Yourself With All Circuit Breakers Connected To Your Pool

If for some reason there is an electrical accident by your pool, the circuit needs to be shut off quickly. This can be done with the circuit breakers on the electrical panel. Familiarize yourself with your circuit breakers and map what switches correspond to your pool’s circuit. This way, you will be ready to shut down the power if anything goes south.

Make Sure You Have GFCI Outlets Installed

Schedule an inspection of your pool annually to make sure that the GFCIs (ground fault circuit interrupter) are working as they should. Not only should your outdoor outlets be covered, but they should be GFCI outlets. In order to prevent electrocutions, GFCI outlets are designed to cut off the power if there is a power leakage or short circuit.

Stay Out of Pools During Storms

As is common knowledge, lightning tends to be attracted to water. Once you hear thunder, it's best to leave the pool as soon as possible. Although being in a pool is much safer than being on the beach or in the ocean, you still need to be aware of lighting while in a pool.

Get An Inspection For Your Pool’s Electrical System

All pool owners should have their pools inspected by a licensed electrician. We recommend having your inspections done yearly to make sure that your pool’s electrical system is code compliant, energy efficient, and working properly.

When you’re ready to have a local, trusted electrician inspect your swimming pool’s electrical system, call Tru-Line Electric or contact us online! We’re here for all your home electrical installation and repair services.