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Invest in Electrical Upgrades for Your Home Office

Many of us find ourselves working from home these days, and although there are many benefits, it can prove challenging staying productive all day while in the house. Some of us have spouses, children, and chores that can distract us from what we’re doing. Now more than ever it’s important to do whatever we can to create a peaceful, organized, and comfortable workspace for ourselves. Keep reading for some useful tips to creating the perfect home office space.

Employ Cord Management Techniques

Cord management is more than making your cord setup aesthetically pleasing. A mess of cords can add to day-to-day stress. Making sure your cords are neatly picked up and arranged so that they don’t interfere with simple tasks can save you a lot of time and frustration.

A bad cord situation can discourage you from using certain necessary or helpful items that you would otherwise use. It can also keep your devices working properly eliminating the chances of overheating, short circuits, or damaged wiring. Proper cable management can also keep you safe from tripping and having a nasty fall. Look into some cord management tools and make sure your work area is nice and tidy.

Install Smart Climate Control Systems

Imagine you have finally sat down at your desk to work. You have your cup of hot coffee in your hand, the house is set to a nice 73 degrees, and you’re in the zone. Suddenly it starts to rain and the sun gets covered by some clouds, now the house starts to get chilly. You interrupt your work to get up and raise the temperature. You sit down ready to work again, and as is common in Florida, the rain abruptly stops, the sun comes out again, and starts beating down on your house. Now you’re hot. You yet again need to stop what you’re doing and adjust the thermostat.

Any one of us who has had to deal with similar situations knows how frustrating that can be. If this sounds familiar to you, smart integrated climate control may be the perfect solution for your office. Not only will you be able to set certain parameters to your thermostat so that it automatically lowers or raises the temperature for you, these smart thermostats usually give you control from your phone, allowing you to change the temperature without getting up.

You will even be able to control your home’s temperature from outside the house. This level of control of your home’s climate means lower energy bills as well.

Use LED Lights

Add some nice, affordable LED lights to take some of the load off your eyesight. Those hours you may be spending looking at a computer screen or small numbers on forms may be taking a toll on your eyes. To remain productive use some well-placed LED lights to reduce your eyestrain. LEDs are agreat choice for lighting because they last much longer than incandescent lights and provide sufficient light without using up too much energy or overheating.

Install Smart Outlets

As a rule of thumb you should install the right amount of outlets to ensure you have enough to avoid overloading your wiring. Additionally, you may want to give smart outlets a try. Smart outlets can be great additions to any office. These outlets usually can:

  • Monitor your energy usage in hours and minutes and some even track electricity used in kilowatt-hours.

  • Turn devices on and off remotely.

  • Manage your energy use with scheduling or remote control.

If these features interest you, give us a call for more information on your options for installation!

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