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Portable VS Standby Generators

Time flies, right? We're already in hurricane season again. That means numerous thunderstorms, lightning strikes, and power outages.

If you're like most other Floridians, you know the frustration of losing power while in the middle of your favorite TV show, while cooking, or trying to get chores done around the house. That's why we highly recommend generators for any Florida homeowner. With that said, many people wonder whether they should get a portable generator or a standby generator. What are the pros and cons, and which is the best choice for your current situation? Keep reading to find out!

What Is A Generator?

Generators, sometimes called "gen-sets," are electrical devices that turn fuel into electrical energy. Generators are usually classified by their energy output (measured in watts, voltage, and amps) and runtime.

What Is A Portable Generator?

As the name suggests, portable generators are generators that can be moved around with a fair amount of ease. The ease of their transportation is typically due to their weight and dimensions. Portable generators usually cost anywhere between several hundred and a few thousand dollars.

What Is A Standby Generator?

Standby generators are generators that are totally immovable. They're usually installed next to or against a significant structure like a building or house. They act as a solution to power outages or surges. Standby generators produce tremendous energy and are not helpful for everyday use.

The average standby generator will run you somewhere between a few and several thousand dollars.

The Middle Ground

Some generators sit comfortably in the middle. One could consider these generators with a power rating of about 8 kW and higher, starting at about 185 lbs.

These generators are usually somewhat hard to move and maneuver but come with an excellent power rating and competitive pricing, making them an attractive option for many homeowners.

Portable Generators VS Standby Generators: Price

When it comes to price, the portable generator wins every time. They are the most affordable option for purchase and installation in most cases. One could also argue that their maintenance comes at a lower cost.

Portable Generators VS Standby Generators: Power

When it comes to power, we have to give it to the standby generator. Standby generators are virtually limitless when it comes to powering a home.

Portable Generators VS Standby Generators: Versatility

Regarding versatility, the best choice is the not so portable, portable generator. Although it may not be as versatile or maneuverable as a portable generator, the power it generates combined with the limited mobility gives this one the win.

You may be unable to move this generator around the house quickly for extended periods. Still, you can certainly pick it up and move it to a more convenient location or put it on a truck and transport it to where you need to go.

Portable Generators VS Standby Generators: Runtime

Although this is a point of contention among some, it is usually the consensus that standby generators can run longer than portable generators. We recommend comparing the generators based on what you're looking to power.

Keep in mind that runtimes vary based on what's being powered. So when comparing generator run times, ensure you compare the same load values.

The Bottom Line

Based on this comparison, we recommend the slightly heavier 185 lbs 8 kW or higher model. Although these may not be as portable as the conventional portable generator, they will give you access to much more power. This generator is also much more affordable than a standby generator that may cost you several thousand dollars when you factor in the equipment and installation.

Regardless of your choice, we want you all to be prepared in an emergency.

You can count on Tru-Line Electric to be here to help you with recommendations, options, and installations! Remember, You're Fine With Tru-Line!