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Beautify and Secure your Home with Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is useful for many things. Not only is it useful for beautifying the outside of your home’s architecture or landscape, it also makes it safe to walk through at night, and keeps your intruders from trespassing, thus helping you and your family feel safe and protected in the long run.

Bright lights discourage crime by making it harder for thieves, and other dangerous criminals from approaching your home under the cover of darkness. According to a six-month study done in 2018 by the New York Scientific Research Crime Lab, neighborhoods and homes that had outdoor lighting were 7% less likely to be victims of crimes than homes that did not have outdoor lighting. Furthermore, neighborhoods where new outdoor lighting was installed, saw an instant decrease in crime by 39%.

If you’re interested in protecting your family, increasing your peace of mind, and beautifying your home, outdoor lighting may be the perfect solution! Continue reading below for techniques and tips for the best ways to employ outdoor lighting at home.

4 Ways to Illuminate your Home’s Outdoors


You can view outdoor lighting as a sort of warm hello or handshake for those coming over to visit. When a home employs outdoor lighting, it makes it much more approachable for people than if they were walking up to a dark, shadowy house.

You want the front entrance, as well as the path leading up to it to be well light and clear. One of the most common and effective ways to light up your home’s outdoors is by using path lights on your walkways. Path lights can cast a 10’ to 14’ wide light to the entrance providing the necessary guiding light for guests, and increasing your home’s curb appeal.

Using pathway lights will not only invite your guests inside, but it will also make it safer for them to traverse your front yard and driveway as the lights guide them inside.

Deck and Step Lighting

Deck and step lights are great options. Undermount deck lights won’t show up by day, but at night will add a great lighting effect to your home. Rope lighting is also very effective as they’re not easy to spot in the daytime but will give off the right amount of illumination in the evenings, especially for outdoor entertaining. Step lights are ideal for keeping your steps safe and visible at all hours of the day.


Another way to deter criminals while ensuring curb appeal is adding outdoor lighting for your front landscape. Landscape lighting also goes a long way when it comes to creating a welcoming atmosphere to your property.

Your landscape is one of the most beautiful parts of your home, show it off! You have gorgeous gardens, trees, statues, fountains, and more. Illuminating these areas will add the right amount of drama and sophistication to take your home to the next level. With that said, you’re going to want to use the right fixtures to keep your décor consistent, safe for the environment, and on theme.

In Florida, using solid copper and brass light fixtures is perfect because they can weather the elements we all know and love. Between harsh sunlight and rainstorms happening all the time, you’re going to want fixtures made of sturdy material. With all the weather we experience, brass and copper will patina over time, which goes great with the outdoor look.


The fourth kind of lighting you will want to employ is uplighting your home’s architecture. Doing this will allow you to highlight the unique aspects of your home, adding to its warm welcome and curb appeal.

Halogen lighting used to be popular, and it then progressed to LED lighting for increased efficiency and life span. Now even more people are using LED with color lighting to provide the home with colors for special moods or occasions. No matter what your mood or style is, architectural lighting is the way to go.

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