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6 Things You Should Know About Outdoor Lighting

We’ve just entered spring, and summer is right around the corner. It’s likely you’re going to want to start spending more time outside in your backyard, at the pool, barbecuing, and hosting picnics with friends and family.

The problem is unfortunately the sun sets, but you don’t have to let that put a damper on your fun. With the proper outdoor lighting the party can go on! With that said, there are things you should keep in mind when having outdoor lighting installed. You want to create the right aesthetic look and ambiance to make your vision come together. Not all lighting is created equal. To get the right look you need the right lighting fixtures! Keep reading for 6 tips you should know when installing outdoor lighting.

  1. Rely On The Main Three Lighting Types

When lighting up your backyard, you’re going to want to incorporate the 3 main basic lighting types: ambient, accent, and task lighting.

Ambient lighting is attained with wall lights, hanging lights, and post lights. Accent lighting can be achieved with spotlights and landscape kits. Finally, task lighting requires deck lights, security lights, and pathway lighting.

  2. Calculate the Cost

Before starting any work on your backyard, you should calculate the cost. More specifically you’re going to want to figure out how many fixtures you’re going to need. To figure this out, measure the square feet of the area you wish to light. It should then be multiplied by 1.5, and that will give you an estimate of the required wattage. If you want to be doubly sure, call a trusted, local electrician for an estimate.

Make sure you take the proper measurements to avoid getting larger fixtures than you need. For example, generally speaking for your front porch or patio, the size you need for an outdoor wall light should measure out to be about 1/3 of the door height. The wall light should also be well made and weather-resistant.

  3. We Recommend LEDs

LEDs are great because they use much less energy than incandescent bulbs or even halogens. They also require virtually no maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about changing light bulbs. Additionally they have a longer lifespan, are more energy efficient, and are more eco-friendly than other bulbs.

  4.Use Your Home Views For Perspective

Looking at your backyard from inside your house can help you plan the layout for your back and front yard lighting.

  5. Avoid Harsh Lighting For Social Spaces

If you’re having dinner out back with your family and friends, you’re not going to want harsh, bright lights in their faces while they try to enjoy a delicious meal. Make it your goal to find lighting with a subtle glow.

You want your guests to feel relaxed and restful, not anxious. Try using outdoor pendant lights and lanterns, and ceiling fans to provide such lighting.

  6.Secure your home

While outdoor lights are oftentimes used for decor and ambiance, it can also be used to provide protection. Properly placed security lights will make sure that all your home’s entry points are well lit, and that the sides of your home are free of too many shadows. You can even have spotlights installed that will provide a sudden burst of light if they sense any movement.

Final Thoughts

Proper lighting is as important outside the house, as it is inside the house. If you have your front and back yard properly lit, you won’t only have the best outdoor dinner parties in the neighborhood, but you will also ensure the safety of your loved ones. If you’re interested in installing outdoor lighting fixtures, reach out to us, your favorite neighborhood electricians! The Tru-Line team is ready and willing to provide you with the absolute best customer service and installation services possible.

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