Pool with lighting at night

Looking for a Pool Light Installation?

Pools are an amazing addition to any backyard, especially in the summertime. We’ve spoken about proper lighting inside the home, but the same applies to your pool. Proper pool lighting is a beautiful method of adding “drama” to your outdoor space and will take your property’s look to the next level. Furthermore, pool lighting helps illuminate your property, making it safer to get around. The best part is that pool lighting installation is entirely affordable!

These days you’re no longer limited to the drab white or yellow lights you may be used to seeing. Now you can buy pool lights in many colors and even program them to display underwater light shows to add to the ambiance as you create memories with family and friends.

Pool Lights 101

Pool lights are a kind of recessed lighting that is contained in plexiglass or some kind of cover sealed with a ring to keep water from shorting out the pool light. We know that many homeowners like to DIY projects around the house, but should this project be handled by professionals?

Should you DIY your Pool Light Installation?

Due to the hazards of working with electricity near water, we would recommend you don’t DIY this task. It is best to call your local, trusted electricians for such a project. Why?

  • Working near water and electricity can be a serious hazard. Water and electricity don’t go well together and mixing the two is a real possibility while installing a pool light.

  • It helps to be familiar with NEC requirements and have hands-on electrical experience. Our professional electricians are licensed, trained, and insured. They’re trained in proper safety measures when making these kinds of installations.

  • Mistakes can be costly. The wrong move can cause some serious damages to your home’s electrical system, in which case you would end up hiring an electrician anyways. Let us help you from the start and you can avoid a lot of frustration.

Kinds of Pool Lights

  • LED - LED lights are brighter, and produce less heat making them significantly more energy-efficient than your usual incandescent lights. The efficiency of LED lights results in a much lower electric bill which will come in handy during your busy summer season.

  • RGB LED - There are also RGB LED lights that add amazing effects to your backyard. RGB LEDs allow you to create mesmerizing light shows controlled with a remote. Using these will liven up any gathering.

  • Incandescent – These lights are the classic kinds of lights we’re all used to seeing. While they provide what’s needed and are more affordable than LEDs, you may find that there are other options that are better choices.

  • Halogen Lighting - Halogen lighting is also a more affordable option than LED lights but requires more maintenance and uses more power.

Invest in your Outdoor Lighting!

Our technicians will make sure that your pool lights are properly grounded to ensure protection against any electric shocks.

Pool lights can go a long way to revitalizing your backyard’s décor and aesthetic appeal. Your friends at Tru-Line Electric are here to help you with all your home’s electrical installation and repair needs. We’ll take care of your needs safely, quickly, and efficiently. Don’t hesitate to call or contact us online. Remember, You’re Fine With Tru-Line!