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5 Smart Home Upgrades for The New Year

5 Smart Home Upgrades for The New Year

Smart home automation is getting more popular by the year. Smart home setups make managing all your appliances and devices easier by putting them on one platform. Also, smart home automation is perfect for energy regulation. Keep reading for more information on the various ways smart home automation upgrades can benefit your home!


1. Smart Lighting At Home

Smart lighting is where convenience and style meet. Not only can you control your lights remotely, but also through voice command.

Smart bulbs also are an amazing way to save money on energy. Smart bulbs are much more efficient than standard ones. Additionally, smart lights allow you to create a seamless stylish look when it comes to interior design.

2. Smart Thermostats At Home

Another essential feature to smart home renovation are smart thermostats. Installing one at home will significantly impact your comfort and your energy efficiency.

Smart thermostats can be programmed to keep your home at the perfect temperature and to adjust temperature at specific times for maximum efficiency and convenience.

3. Smart Locks And Security Systems

Are you looking to maximize you home’s security without investing in expensive installations or using a 24/7 on-call service? Try smart home security systems.

Security systems are especially useful for older homeowners who want to make sure they stay safe without relying on other family members.

These days smart security systems are designed to connect to your router allowing you to monitor all your doors and windows. With many systems you can even use voice commands to activate and deactivate the alarms and receive notifications to your phone if there is any strange activity.

4. Smart Garage Doors

Being one of the most common points of entry in many homes, having a smart garage system may prove to be an asset. Smart garage door systems allow the homeowner to safely monitor the entryway and their vehicles keeping them secure.

5. Smart Outlets

You can turn on your appliances remotely with smart outlets, even when you aren't home. With the simple touch of a button, you can control your appliances' power via an app created by the supplier.

You can also avoid fire hazards if you use smart outlets so you don't accidentally leave hair straighteners or heaters on. They can also reduce your electricity bill.

Using your phone, you can control your appliances and check if outlets are on or off. This allows you to turn off outlet sockets that don't need to be on. It is very easy to forget to turn off appliances and leave them running using traditional outlets.

Final Thoughts

These are only a few of the smart home applications that can make a huge difference in your home. If you’re interested in these kinds of upgrades, don’t hesitate to to book your next appointment with us! Our team is trained and ready to help you make electrical upgrades and repairs safely and efficiently. Remember, You’re Fine With Tru-Line!