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Indoor & Outdoor Garage Light Fixture Installation in Tampa Bay

The bare lightbulb on the ceiling of your garage is not sufficient for anything more than providing a basic light source. If you want to use your garage as a workshop or just want a better source of light, call Tru-Line Electric. We offer garage lighting services in Palm Harbor and the surrounding areas for all types of interior garage lights, carriage lights, and other exterior light fixtures.

Please call (727) 308-6680 to schedule garage lighting services.

Ideal Lighting for Your Garage

Whether you want to use your garage to restore a car, woodworking projects, or another hobby, ample lighting is essential. When selecting lighting for your garage, it is important to consider how you plan to use the space. Fluorescent lighting is popular in garages, but some fluorescent lights are not suitable for colder temperatures. Some need a minimum of 50 or 60-degree temperatures to function properly. Even in Florida, the temperatures get lower than this in the winter. Make sure you choose lights that will serve your needs in any weather.

Our technicians install garage lighting, such as:

  • LED strip lights
  • Fluorescent lights
  • Workshop lights
  • Work station lighting
  • Flush mount ceiling fixtures
  • Hanging shop lights

    Installing lights in the garage may be possible with your existing wiring, or you may need additional wiring, depending on your lighting plan, the number of fixtures you need installed, and the current wiring in your garage. We offer a full range of services to meet your specific needs, from installing new fixtures to adding electrical wiring to accommodate your light fixtures.

    Outdoor Garage Lighting & Carriage Lights

    Lighting outside the garage provides additional security, curb appeal, and lights your way when you get home at night. Carriage lights are mounted on the exterior garage wall and are available in traditional and contemporary styles to blend with the exterior of any home. Our garage lighting services in Palm Harbor include wiring and installation of carriage lights and other exterior garage lights. We also install motion sensor and security lighting.

    Call (727) 308-6680 for expert service for all your garage lighting needs in Palm Harbor, Trinity, Elfers, and Odessa, FL.


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