Backup Generator

Three Benefits of a Home Backup Generator

With our power grid aging, power prices surging, and general uncertainty as to the reliability of our electrical system, people everywhere are choosing to make the investment in a backup generator which can help them keep their lights on in the event of a power outage. Backup generators have come down significantly in cost, are more reliable and easier to maintain than ever before, which means now’s a great time to make the investment. People everywhere have done just that.

The Benefits of Installing a Backup Generator

If you’re on the fence about acquiring a backup generator for your home, Tru-Line Electric has some valuable information that can help you determine if this investment is right for you. Here are some of the most prominent and common benefits of getting a backup generator.

Keep Your Most Important Appliances Running

When the power goes out, everything in your home will lose power. That includes your most important appliances and devices such as your refrigerator, your heating and cooling system, any computers or datacenters you depend on, and even the lights which allow you to see. A backup generator may not necessarily restore operation of all of these devices, but they can restore function for a good number of these things so you can continue to live in comfort with the things you need.

No more worrying about a long power outage leading to spoiled food, walking around with candles, and leaving you sweating or shivering in the hot or cold weather. Simply fire up your backup generator and you’ll have power flowing through your home again in no time. Make sure you work with a skilled professional to select a backup generator that supplies you with enough power to meet your needs in an outage.

Minimal Cost to Operate

Backup generators are generally extremely inexpensive to operate. Not only have units themselves come down in price significantly, but they’ve become even more energy efficient. Portable generators usually run on a supply of gasoline, and engines which burn it have become tremendously fuel-efficient. You’ll be able power your home for hours on just a gallon or two of fuel.

Standby generators are generators which are permanently installed outside your home and connected to your natural gas lines. Standby generators are generally more expensive to purchase and install, but offer even greater power generation and function on natural gas, which is less expensive than traditional gasoline. Likewise, with a standby generator, you don’t have to constantly top off a gas tank, which stress-free backup power until the main connection is restored.

Standby Generators Turn On Automatically

Standby generators also enjoy another benefit over portable generator solutions: they’re constantly connected and waiting for a power outage. When one happens, they quickly turn on and start producing energy to supply your home. No need for pulling the generator out of storage, no need for complicated and potentially dangerous extension cord setups, and no added risk to any electrical utility workers who may be conducting repairs or services on nearby lines.

Instead, you’ll simply enjoy emergency power when you need it. Standby generators are ready to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter the weather outside. That’s why we strongly encourage every homeowner to consider installing a home backup generator system.

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