9 Myths About Outdoor Lighting You Should Know

As summer approaches no doubt homeowners living in our sunny slice of paradise, Florida, will want to take advantage of the hot weather and treat their guests to outdoor lunches, barbecues, picnics, pool parties, and more.

If you fall into that category it's possible you’re looking for the right outdoor lighting to install to keep the area nice and light when night falls. Outdoor lighting isn’t only useful for visibility but it also can provide a pleasing ambiance for your event.

Nonetheless, there are many myths surrounding outdoor lighting that we would like to debunk before you make any important decisions or purchases. Keep reading to learn more!

Myth 1: Low-voltage outdoor lighting is safe to install without an electrician.

Reality: False - While low-voltage lighting is generally safer, that doesn’t mean a licensed professional isn’t required. It’s important to consult a professional to make sure there are no electrical safety hazards or potential code violations.

Myth 2: All outdoor lights are waterproof.

Reality: False - Not all outdoor lighting is 100% waterproof. It’s important to investigate and make sure that the IP (Ingress Protection) rating is appropriate for the climate and environment. The higher the IP rating, the more protection from water and dust.

Myth 3: Using bulbs with a higher wattage makes outdoor areas safer.

Reality: False - Yes brighter bulbs will provide more illumination, but that doesn’t mean your property is any safer. We suggest also considering fixture placement and lighting uniformity so all shadowed areas are equally illuminated.

Myth 4: Using indoor lighting outdoors is totally fine.

Reality: False - Indoor light fixtures are not designed to withstand outdoor conditions. Exposing them to outdoor conditions light water, dust, and heat can lead to electrical hazards, and or damage to the fixture itself.

Myth 5: There’s nothing wrong with using extension cords to power permanent outdoor lighting installations.

Reality: False - Most extension cords are not designed to power outdoor fixtures and can suffer damage if exposed to the elements for too long. Instead, we recommend direct wiring with outdoor-rated cables.

Myth 6: Any bulb works for outdoor light fixtures.

Reality: False - Outdoor lighting fixtures likely have specific requirements for the most comparable bulbs. If you want to maintain safety and avoid overheating it's best to comply with these requirements.

Myth 7: Outdoor lighting doesn't consume much energy.

Reality: False - Outdoor fixtures can definitely suck up a lot of power, especially if many are being used all around the property. Invest in LED bulbs, motion sensors, and timers for energy-efficient lighting.

Myth 8: Solar-powered lights don't require maintenance.

Reality: False - Although solar-powered lights are low maintenance, they do require upkeep. This takes the form of periodic cleaning and inspection to clean out accumulations of dust and debris.

Myth 9: Landscape lights don’t require any electrical permits.

Reality: False - Outdoor lighting may require a variety of permits depending on location and the complexity of the installation. We recommend checking with the local building department and hiring a licensed electrician to determine if a permit is required.


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